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Accepted in CHI!

February 1-12

We found out that our Late Breaking Work submission to CHI was accepted! This means that I get to travel to San Jose this Spring to present my work at the biggest and best human computer interaction conference. I had previously applied to be a student volunteer and was not accepted, but now I get the chance to go as a presenter! 
When our submission was accepted, it was returned with feedback. So we spent a while making edits to the submission to make it publication-ready! I also spent a while researching CHI, San Jose and expenses required for such a conference. I wanted to get an estimate of expenses as well as a plan of what I would be doing each day so that I could request travel funding from CREU. Amidst all of the excitement of being accepted and correction to the abstract, I also prepared and submitted my request for funding. I really hope I can get the funding to attend this conference!
During these two weeks I also made a draft of the intervention set based on all of the problems I had collected. I will be meeting with Dr. Solovey and our collaborators early next week, so I wanted to make sure this draft was prepared so that we could discuss it and changes that need to be made. 
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