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September 28 - October 2

Now that I used the first week of school to get adjusted to classes again, I was ready to go for this week!
We had a really great lab meeting, the first of the term, with everyone there. At this meeting we all got to know each other and hear about interests and the projects we are working on. I gave a whole "My Time in the Lab" presentation to tell about what I had accomplished in the lab over co-op and tell all of the newcomers all about my project. 
After the meeting, Dr. Solovey and I really got down to business for the pilot study. We did all of the final preparations. We talked through how the study will run and figured out some interview questions to ask the participants, I printed all of the required materials for the study (including flyers, quiet signs for the door, an updated script, a question print-out sheet, and payment log forms), I also got money from the College to use to pay the participants and I did a practice run of the pilot study on one of the new PhD students in the lab. She was really helpful because she has run HCI studies before!
As you might recall, a few weeks ago I did a lot of advertising for the pilot study and tried to get participants to run it, but because it was the last few weeks of school, nobody was interested. So it was time for round two of the pilot study. I sent out lots of emails to professors to ask them to send advertisement emails to their students to out behalf, and have been asking all of my friends to talk to their friends who may be eligible to participate. We have gotten a few emails from interested students, so now they just need to schedule a time to actually participate. 
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