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September 21-25

After a slow few weeks and the lab and somewhat of a summer break, it was time for school to start again. Because of the quarter system, Drexel starts school a lot later than most universities and we move through our terms a lot faster!
And on top of school returning, the Pope is in Philadelphia for this weekend. It has been so exciting to see the city prepare for his visit, but also quite chaotic. During his visit, transportation will be down, cars won't be allowed, and security will be crazy. Because of all of this, a few days of classes were canceled 
This week, as short as it was, was mostly about getting back in the swing of school and classes. I had a really great meeting with Dr. Solovey on Tuesday. We talked all about my plans for this term, about a grant proposal for this project that she and her collaborator had just finished, and all of the new people who are joining lab. I wrote a proposal to submit to her to outline my plans for the term. I will revisit this about half-way through the term to make adjustments and report what I have achieved up until that point.
Other than the meeting a writing a proposal, I helped out some of the new students in the lab get started. In AIR lab, we have a lot of online tools that we use to keep track of what we do, so I have been the one to get all of the new students access to and registered for all of these accounts. I am also the go-to person if they have trouble accessing any of them or questions on how to use them. It feels pretty nice being one of the most senior people in the lab and being able to help out everyone who is new :)
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