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Beginning Recruitment

August 3-7

This week I spent a little bit of time setting up GitHub and Source Tree and learning how to use them. Since I have finished the Matlab code (for now at least) I was working on, we decided it was best to get me set up using these resources rather than just posting the code to Google Drive. So now my code is up and available in GitHub for the lab!
But the rest of the week was spent on the beginning stages of the recruitment process so that we can get participants for our pilot study. I had to work with the IR guys in the building to get the color printer set up on my computer so that I could print the recruitment flyers. I got all of the flyers printed and then had to get approval from Drexel to post them around campus. Then I was finally able to walk around all of campus posting the flyers. I also sent emails to a few Drexel professors whose students would be ideal candidates for this study.
The very next day we already got a few email responses from students who want to participate in the study. Unfortunately, they are all graduate students in science/engineering related fields, so they are not eligible for our study. I had to create a canned email response to inform the students that they were not eligible. But at least we were off to a good start!
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