This was by far the most rewarding experience of all of the research and organizations I have been a part of. It so was amazing being at a conference full of people who are so interested in the work that you do and who do such amazing, interesting work themselves. I was constantly blown away by the papers being presented and the research that people have done. It was even more amazing to know that I was one of those people. The work that I have been doing for over a year now was accepted and good enough to be shown at the conference…and I was the one chosen to present it!

      The four days I was there were just so full of excitement and learning. My first day there I met a group of students from Texas A&M. We ended up hanging out the whole night talking about our work and exploring San Jose together. I was able to do things I never would have been able to do like visit San Francisco and tour around Stanford. I was constantly meeting graduate students from various Universities and I just kept thinking, “Hey, I could go there one day”.

      I spent most of my time at the conference listening to talks about papers and research being done. I was so excited to see so many papers about learning, BCI, or special needs. But during all of the breaks I was able to meet new people while presenting my poster. We got so many great ideas for moving forward with our work and many people interested in possible collaboration. I really hope I can attend CHI again to return back to such an amazing group of people.

      Check out some of the pictures from my travels (coming soon!)J

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