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CHI Late Breaking Work

January 4-18

The beginning of this term was supposed to be spent creating the problem sets for the pre/post test and intervention set, but this was interrupted with a more exciting task. Our team, consisting of me, Dr. Solovey, and our ASU collaborators, decided to submit this project to CHI Late Breaking Work.
Because we decided to submit this so late, there was a lot of work to do in such little time. In about a 5 day period, I wrote the entire extended abstract, we all edited it, and it was submitted. It was definitely work all of those hours of work, because now I have the chance to be the first author of a submission at CHI! We have to wait about a month for results, but we are all very hopeful and excited.
I had to spend the next half-week or so catching up on my regular school work, as I was slightly behind from writing the abstract. But I will be ready to resume everything once I am all caught up!
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