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CHI Poster

April 4-15

These two weeks I spent working on making the poster from CHI. I know two weeks seems like a lot of time to make one poster, but trust me, it was a time consuming process. To begin with, I did a lot of reading on creating good research posters for a conference and studied past posters from previous CHI conferences. I also studied previous posters from Dr. Solovey and out collaborator so I could make sure to include their styles in the poster.

I think I re-read our abstract submission to the conference at least 5 times. I kept reading it again and again each time figuring out more and more things I wanted to put on the poster and making sure I was prepared to talk about everything.

The rest was a lot of back-and-forth. I would make a draft and send it to everyone, and then we week have a Skype meeting or email a lot about changes to make. And then I would make more changes and the same process would happen again. In the end, it was completely worth it. I think our poster turned out great!

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