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Developing Scaffolding

February 29 - March 11

The past few weeks have been spent deciding the problems to use and getting everything properly organized and inserted into ASSISTments. But now everything is in, there is still some more editing to be done.
With the other PhD students in the lab, I have been developing scaffolding for each of our intervention set problems. Scaffolding are the hints that a student gets to help with answering a problem if they get the answer wrong or ask for help. This has entailed doing a lot of research on how these types of questions are taught in school and figuring out the steps. We have had to draft the scaffolding, get approval from the rest of the team, send it off to a high school math teacher who as affiliated with the lab to get her input. The end of this week and next will be spent actually adding the scaffolding into ASSISTments, as this is a very tedious and time-consuming task.
There are also some new students joining the lab! I have been meeting with some of them to talk about their interests as well as this project. It sounds like we have some freshman students really interested in joining this project!
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