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Finalizing Problem Sets

February 15-26

These few weeks have been spent on finalizing problem sets in ASSISTments. Earlier I had compiled potential questions to be used, but after much discussion, debate, and editing, we all finally came up with a finalized intervention problem set. The intervention set is the tutored set where student will get a lot of practice on the selected problem types with help from scaffolding. I got together with one of the PhD students in the lab and we had to manually put all of these questions into ASSISTments. 
I have also been working with our team on getting the proper set-up of our questions in ASSISTments. There has been a bit of a learning curve while using ASSISTments, as it is not the most user friendly user-interface. I have had quite a few questions and discussions back and forth with the team at ASSISTments trying to figure out how to implement everything that we want to do. I have also been working with the PhD students in making sure they they know how to use ASSISTments as well as I do. 
Our team also developed experience sampling questions to ask the participants throughout the study. We had a lot of discussion on how to implement these into the study and when and where. Once it was decided, I put these questions throughout the intervention set. 
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