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Finals Week and Spring Break

march 14-25

These two weeks were a little slow because of finals and Spring Break. Finals are especially difficult at Drexel because we take more classes at a time than most other Universities, meaning we have more finals, and we only have 10 weeks to learn and remember everything that other schools have 15 weeks to learn.

            Aside from our normal meetings, I spent most of my time during these two weeks doing some organizing. With new students joining the lab next tern and in the summer, I wanted to make sure that they could jump right in. So I was organizing my project folder in the lab Google drive folder and created some documents like “getting started” and explanation document for each subfolder. I wanted to make sure that they knew exactly what they should being doing to start off and that they could find everything easily.

            I also started doing research for attending CHI. I spent time looking up flight and hotel options as well as travel options for if I ever have a little down time while in California.

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