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Full Study IRB

June 15-19

This week I worked on and filled out all of the IRB paperwork for our full study. The pilot study paperwork had already been filled out and submitted, so I was able to use it as the starting point of the new paperwork. A study protocol and supplemental materials are also included as part of the IRB submission, so that required me to start planning and getting more specific with the experimental design. With this came a lot of questions about details of the experiment, some of which I was able to sort out with Dr. Solovey, but some of which we will not be able to answer without the help of our collaborator, Dr. Walker, at ASU. I will have to return to the IRB papers at a later date after we talk to Dr. Walker and after the pilot study is run to edit them and add more details based on the information gathered.
We also had some new students start in our lab this week, two summer STAR (Students Tackling Advanced Research) scholars and another student from Carleton College here for Distributed Research Experience for Undergraduates (DREU)! I had to get all of these students up to date with CITI training so that they can be added to the IRB protocol and help with the studies when the time comes. 
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