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Happy Thanksgiving!

November 16 - 30

These two weeks, aside from Thanksgiving Break, were spent preparing for a Skype meeting with out collaborators in Arizona. I spent a lot of time doing some more data analysis on the Pilot Study to make sure that I was prepared to share all of the data collected at the meeting. I also spent a lot of time organizing the questions that I have saved in ASSISTments and also creating problem sets full of potential problems for the Full Study. I had to search through all of the archives in ASSISTments to pull out all different kinds of probability questions, as this was the topic that we identified as good for the study.
The meeting was really productive. We got to share what was happening on both ends of the collaboration, in Arizona and Philly. We decided that it would be good to also include problems in algebraic simplification and created a list of definite goals to be completed. The goal that I will be in charge of is finding ASSISTments problems for algebraic simplification.
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