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In Between Phase

October 12-16

This week was somewhat in limbo. We needed more participants for the pilot study, but we also aren't ready to move onto the full study yet. 
I spent this week doing more recruiting for our studies. I tried talking to every person I know who is or knows people in non-STEM majors. 
I also started looking ahead for the full study. I re-read the NSF-EHR proposal that Dr. Solovey and her collaborator wrote. This is the proposal pertaining to this project. In it they outlined a 3-year plan. They also decided to add a little bit to our research study. Instead of just collecting log and fNIRS data from participants, we will also be collecting a lot of physiological data. We will be using hear rate, respiratory, skin conductance, eye tracking and pupil dilation sensors as well. They decided that we might as well collect as much data as possibly, as we will be running the study and will have participants anyway.
Along with this change, they also decided to collect baseline data from each participant before that participants performs the tasks. So we will be adding an n-back task to the beginning of our experiment.
I spent a lot of time editing the Full Study protocol and consent form to reflect these changes. Our Full Study was IRB approved, but we will need to get these changes approved before moving forward. The earlier I do this and get this approved, the less time we will have to wait to write run the Full Study!
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