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Learning How to Use Everything

April 18-22

This week was all about learning how to properly use and do everything. All of the studies we have run so far have been without the use of fNIRS. So I had to learn how to use it and set it up with other students in the lab. We have also been learning to use the Polhemus Patriot Digitizer, although there is still so more set-up that has to be done with it. This is really cool because it will allow us the see the fNIRS probes in 3D on a head so that we know exactly where the signals are coming from. It basically lets us overlay a map of the fNIRS headband with a map of a head – really cool stuff!

      After learning all of these things, I spent my time this week doing practice runs with the PhD students trying to see how smoothly everything would go. We had a lot of comments and feedback for some changes to be made.We even realized that we have a couple more questions to ask the people at ASSISTments.

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