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Midterm Report and Summarizing Findings

November 2 - 13

These two weeks I spent writing a Midterm Report for my project this term. This report summarizes everything that I have accomplished so far. It also reports preliminary data analysis that I have done on the Pilot Study data. In writing this report, I also met with the PhD student who has been working with me on this project. We met to talk about what information should be discussed in the report. We also talked about questions that we have moving forward.
These was no statistical analysis done in the report, I just went through all of the log data and outputs from the codes I wrote to find each question that each participant did not get correct on the first try. I summarized the results for each participant in a table. The columns of the table were problem number, problem topic, number of hints used, number of attempts, difficulty rating that the participant gave the question, and what the participant said about the problem during the post-test interview. In the report, I discussed the differences between the difficulty ratings and what the participants actually said about the problems.
In the report I also found that problems that all three participants got incorrect. There were 5 problems. I talked about the topics of each of these problems. Based on the interview responses, two of the problems were only there because of difficulty inputting the answer into ASSISTments and two other problems were there because the participants couldn't remember how to do the problem but remembered quickly. This left just one problem, the probability questions. In this report I justified choosing probability as the topic for the full study.
At the end of the report, I also created a list of questions that I have moving forward with the full study.These are the questions that the PhD student and I came up with. I will be meeting with Dr. Solovey and our collaborating via Skype next week and wanted to have a list of questions prepared. One of the main reasons of writing this report now was to fill in our collaborator on what has been happening. 
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