This week there was lots of IRB paperwork to be doen. One thing I have learned for sure during this co-op experience is how to fill out IRB paperwork but also how tedious it can be. At the end of last week we submitted out Pilot Study IRB paperwork and were returned a list of corrections that had to be made to the protocol and consent forms. So I spent the beginning of this week making the necessary corrections. We then sent back the corrections and now have IRB approval! Yay!
Also this week I spent a lot of time editing the Full Study IRB forms that I worked on last week. I edited them so that the problems in the Pilot Study IRB forms are not present in these. Aside from just the IRB forms, I also had to work on all of the supplemental material. These means creating the flyers, recruiting announcements, a full study script, and questionnaire.
As I mentioned in a previous blog post, we have two high school teachers joining us for seven weeks during the summer. One of the teachers, Gloria, teachers algebra I and computer science. As we are planning on using algebra I topics in our study, Gloria is extremely useful. After speaking to her and our ASU collaborator, we decided that we need to edit the questions types and topics for our pilot study, but that is work for next week!
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