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More Matlab and IRB

This week I spent a lot of time working on my MatLab code. I had finished the code for last Friday's meeting, but there was a lot of discussion in that meeting about the formatting of the output and what we want to get out of it. So I spent this week reformatting that output. More importantly, I began classifying action types based on a pre and post action. For example, if the pre-action is "start the question" and the post-action is "answer", then the action is "answer the question". I had to classify each possible combination of pre and post actions to determine every action that a student could make. 
Of course while classifying the action types and reformatting, there were more questions and concerns that came up about the format of the data directly from ASSISTments. So I had a lot of back and forth with people at ASSISTments. It is still a work in progress, but things are looking a lot better!
Also this week we worked a lot on the full study IRB forms. They were due to Drexel IRB on Thursday, so Dr. Solovey and I spent a lot of time going over the forms and making sure everything was good to go. We will probably have to submit changes once we know more specifically what questions will be in the problem set.
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