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October 26-30

This week was the transition between the Pilot Study and Full Study. Using code I had written this summer, I analysed log data received from ASSISTments from the Pilot Study. This code outputs important things like number of hints, total time spent on problem, time spent on each action, and correctness of actions. It essentially re-formats data taken from ASSISTments so that it is more readable and displays the information that we want to see and use. I did this just to confirm what students had told us in the interviews and to practice analyzing data.
Using the information from the interviews and ASSISTments data, I was able to confirm the types of questions to be used in the Full Study - probability. I spent a lot of time this week searching through problems on ASSISTments and finding ones related to probability that would be a good fit for the full study. The point of this was to compile of list of questions that could potentially be used so that I can show it to Dr. Solovey and our collaborator and get their input on which problem types should be used.
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