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NYC and Matlab

July 20-24

This week started off with a visit to NYC! Dr. Solovey was giving a talk at a NUI (Natural User Interface) Central meeting. In a spontaneous decision, a co-worker (a DREU Participant) and I decided to take the bus up and see her speak. It was really great to see her presentation and meet some new people! 
After we got back to Drexel, Dr. Solovey and Dr. Walker (our collaborator at ASU) had a phone conference with Neil and Christina Heffernan, the creators of ASSISTments. They got the ASSISTments team really interested in our project as well as some good tips and an offer for any help that we need. It is so great that we now have an established relationship/communication with them!
I have been communication with someone at ASSISTments for about two weeks now. He has been helping with with some data receiving issues. This week we finally figured out all of the problems and got them fixed! So I now was able to get all of the data I needed to finish writing the Matlab code. I spent the end of the week working on and finishing this Matlab code. So we now have a working program to collect the data that we wont from the various data files directly from ASSISTments.
This week we also had a lot of team bonding! It has been so much fun! Aside from the trip to NYC with my co-worker, we also had a lab dinner on Wednesday. It was so much fun to get to know co-workers outside of the lab. On Thursday, we got in some new decorations for the lab and spent a portion of the day decorating together!
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