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Passing the Time

August 17-21
August 24-28

These two weeks have been filled with lots of random tasks as we wait to find student participants for our study. At this point, flyers have been posted and emails have been sent out to students from professors on our behalf. Sadly, these are weeks 9 and 10 at Drexel, the last two weeks of the term. These two weeks are always so stressful - final projects are due, midterms are still going on, students are studying for finals, and workload tends to increase. So, I have a feeling that we will not be getting many, if any at all, participants until the start of Fall Term.
During this time, we had some housekeeping to do.  I had to fill out a co-op evaluation form about this 6-month co-op. There are also some new people joining our lab in the upcoming weeks. A new PhD student joined us, during this time, so I had to meet with him, get him access to all of the online tools used by the lab, answer any of his questions, and get his picture and bio set up on the lab website.
Our collaborator at ASU got a new Master's student who will be working on this project. Before meeting with him, I did a lot of reorganization of the project folder in Google Drive. I reorganized things so that they would make sense to all of the new people joining. I also created a detailed reference document explaining each sub-folder within the project folder and telling readers where to find everything within the folder. I also went through all of the code I have written so far and made sure it is all up-to-date and accurately commented in Google Drive and Source Tree. I had a Google Hangouts meeting with the new Master's student to talk about the project, show him all of the work we have done, show him how to use ASSISTments, get him access to our work, and figure out a temporary work plan for him. I am really excited for someone to be joining this project full time from ASU!
This was also the last week for the two STAR students in the lab. They had their final poster presentation. The other co-op and I took the day to attend the poster session to see their work as well as the work of all the other STAR students on campus. Dr. Solovey was out of town this week, so we wanted to make sure that people were there to support them!
Previously this month students from the INFO 310 class at Drexel interviewed some people in the lab for their class project. For their project, they decided to theoretically redesign Homer, the program we use to analyse fNIRS data. They were giving their final presentation this week and their teacher requested that someone from our lab be there to help judge and grade the final presentation. As Dr. Solovey was out of town, I went in her place. It was pretty cool to see how other students thought to redesign Homer!
We also got everything figured out for participant payment. There were forms that had to be signed and Account numbers that had to be found.
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