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Presentations and Programming

June 29 - July 2

This week I prepared a presentation for the lab about the work that I have been doing, specifically about the lit reviews. Dr. Solovey wanted me to go over all the papers again, organize them and pull out important parts, and then summarize my findings in a presentation for the group. As we still have relatively new lab members, this was a good way for them to become more familiar with my project. After the presentation, we all discussed the metrics used in previous studies as well as what would be the most useful for our study. It was a really great brainstorming activity with the whole team!
Also this week I helped a fellow lab member with some code that I had previously written. A few weeks back I wrote a few programs to pull out and analyse some of the fNIRS data that was stored in a lab Google Drive Folder. My lab member was attempting to use the programs I wrote to analyse some new data. As it turns out, this data was formatted differently that the old data. After a while a debugging and figure out problems, we were finally able to get the programs working for the old and new data! 
Happy 4th of July Weekend!
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