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July 13-17

This week we decided that we wanted the problems in our pilot and full studies to have scaffolding rather than just hints. This required me to learn all about scaffolding in ASSISTments. To start, I watched some YouTube videos on advanced building in ASSISTments to learn how to create scaffolding and multiple hints per question.
Then, I created a whole problem set just full of problems with scaffolding to get practicing using some advanced building techniques. This really helped me solidify how to create scaffolding. A workmate and I then did the problem set to test it out.
I then requested data from my problem set from the ASSISTments Data Dump website. THis was not working properly and I ended up having to wait almost two days for it to come. Thankfully the people working at ASSISTments are very nice and helpful.
Once I finally got the data, I edited my Matlab code so that it works for scaffolding too!
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