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Testing of the Timing Function

April 25-29

This week we got a timing function from one of the students we collaborate with at ASU. We realized that we will have an issue with timing a while back during one of our meetings. In our study, there will be four separate problem sets that each participant must complete. Due to the nature of each set, they could not be combined into one large set. So this brings up the issue of the student finish a problem set and having to pull up the next one on their own and even more of a larger problem - the sets are timed, so we need a way for a set to end automatically after a certain number of minutes.

      Our collaborator programmed a function for us that would close a problem set after a certain amount of time and open up the next one in the correct order. So this week I spent time learning it and testing it. He didn’t spend much instruction because he wanted to see how intuitive it was to use, so I spent a while trying to learn it and mess with all of the different features. Along with some PhD students in the lab, we also did a small practice run with the function to see how it worked. We come up with a list of comments and suggestions that we sent back for him to see and had some time to talk about it a little during one of our Skype meetings.

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