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Winter Break

December 14 - January 3

Over Winter Break I spend a lot of time relaxing and hanging out with friends and family. My parents recently moved so there was a lot to do and help with around the house.
But amidst all of the festivities, I had quite a few Skype meetings with Dr. Solovey and our Collaborators at Arizona State. During these meetings we discussed and figured out a lot of the details for the upcoming study. For example, we finalized the format of the study. It will consist of introduction/training for 10 min, pre-test for 15 min, intervention set for 40 min, challenge questions for 10 min, post-test for 15-min and then debrief and questionnaire. Although we only met about once a week, it was a very productive time and we were able to plan for most of the study. 
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